Real estate and construction sector jobs are going through a technological revolution, one intrinsically linked to a cultural shift in the component parts of both industries. Today, the challenges they have to deal with in terms of performance, optimising costs and risk management are unprecedented.

These new requirements call on all the players to look to other industries for inspiration as regards integrated processes and digital tools for improving performance. Thanks to these more sophisticated methods, it is already easier to overcome the barriers that used to be represented by expertise, and generate a whole new way of creating value by connecting data and services.

The Builders & Partners group proposes one of the most comprehensive product portfolios on the market, not only in terms of Bim and data management services, but also in the form of Sofya, a unique solution for steering construction projects and operating buildings.



  • Bim and Data Management in Building Design, Construction and Operation
  • Bim coordination
  • Cim  management
  • Assistance to project owners
  • Data management strategy and implementation – Change management
  • Construction and operation BIM standards – Contractual security
  • BIM feasibility studies
  • Analysis of scatter plots
  • BIM modelling for design, construction and operation
  • Visuals and videos – Virtual reality – Augmented reality – 3D Printing
  • Marketing and communication
  • Research & Development
  • R&D (Generative design, visual programming, programming)
  • Production of 4D and 5D design and construction models


The Builders & Partners Group frequently provides strategic digital guidance and assistance to project owners, developers and investors.


The Builders & Partners Group frequently provides partners, engineering and design firms, construction companies and architects with guidance and assistance in implementing BIM production processes. In the framework of BIM Coordination assignments, the Builders & Partners Group can carry out a methods audit and propose a range of solutions to any issues encountered.


The Builders & Partners Group regularly offers training to parties who are involved in the construction and operation of buildings within the framework of change management or on the basis of specific training sessions centred around themes such as “BIM basics” and “BIM in building operation”. Please contact us if you would like more information about customised BIM training. The group is Datadock-certified, so training can be eligible for the CPF professional development scheme.


Since 2019, the Builders & Partners Group has been a member of Circolab, an association which brings together professionals from the real estate and construction industries with the aim of promoting the circular economy (re-use of materials, recycling, traceability, etc.). The Builders & Partners Group was designated to steer the working group on BIM and the circular economy. To that end, the group is participating in the development of a framework, standard documents and working processes in line with those sustainable development objectives. Learn more

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Urbis apartments

Implementation of a BIM strategy for the design and construction of 122 multiple-occupancy housing units developed by Urbis Réalisations, a subsidiary of Bouygues Immobilier. The objective is to design and plan for a digital operation management system which is suitable for residential properties.

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Orange Headquarters in Montpellier

Covivio developed the headquarters of Orange in Montpellier. The developer enlisted the help of our teams to provide the company with BIM-related services throughout construction, to carry out the modelling process and compile a digital as-built file as the first step towards the efficient digital operation of the premises.



Covéa’s real estate assets

Covéa put its trust in the Builders & Partners Group for automisation of operation and maintenance management in respect of 25 of its properties using the SOFYA platform: integration of models, modelling of any unmodelled buildings, integration of as-built files, definition of maintainability objectives, geolocalisation of plant/equipment and interconnection with BMS, smart BMS, IoT and computerised maintenance management systems. Asset managers now have a global vision of the condition of all plant/equipment and rental, regulatory and financial data pertaining to their assets, along with reports on tasks and future tasks carried out or to be carried out by their property and facility managers.

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Headquarters of Altarea Cogedim

Major refurbishment of 86-88 Rue de Richelieu destined to house the future headquarters of Altarea Cogedim, on the cutting edge of the latest construction techniques and digital innovations. The Builders & Partners Group exploited its full potential in terms of digital creativity and expertise on the project: immersive films, 3D renderings, augmented reality, model-based dynamic project reviews and BIM management services.

piscine pierrefitte


Municipal swimming pool in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine

The Departmental Council for the Department of Seine-Saint-Denis commissioned the group of which Builders & Partners is a member to build the future municipal swimming pool in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine. For this public amenity with a floor area of almost 3,500 sqm. the group’s responsibilities included comprehensive building services and architectural trades clash detection, in addition to BIM management.

ilot perree


Ilot Perrée

Renovation of the Hôtel de la Garantie, built in 1908, with the aim of housing the police stations of the first four arrondissements in Paris on one and the same site and making considerable improvements to the conditions in which the teams work. Spaces envisaged by the project are of a similar quality to the most modern offices in Paris. User relations are redefined in a pleasant, bright, functional building.



53 Haussmann

For this renovation of a Haussmannian building involving a change in the use of the premises, the Builders & Partners Group utilised the full extent of its digital know-how on the project to help the client with forward planning and decision-making, in the form of immersive films, augmented reality and 3D renderings.

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Construction of offices on behalf of the user “Sunny”. GA Smartbuilding envisaged producing full-BIM construction drawings and to that end, sought to enlist the services of a firm specialising in architectural project modelling. The main challenges for Builders & Partners were the initial modelling and updating the architectural model for secondary packages and spaces/rooms under construction as well as updates prior to submitting the 3D as-built files (which correspond to development level 5).

credit du maroc


Headquarters of Crédit du Maroc

Construction of the new headquarters of Crédit du Maroc, in Casablanca. After excavating rock to install two underground car park levels, 13,000 sqm. of offices were built, with branches of banks on the ground floor and with classification as a workplace and a building which is open to the public. The client wanted an exemplary modern construction method for this building, using BIM from design right through to operation.

grand paris express


Grand Paris Express

Provision of guidance and assistance to Eiffage BIEP with the implementation of a BIM strategy within the division and in relation to the Line 16 project within the framework of the Grand Paris project. The project comprises 20 kilometres of tunnel, 5 stations and 19 ancillary elements.

What they say

Director, BIM Management Department

At Builders & Partners, we put digitisation at the heart of our work, not as an add-on or afterthought, but as an invaluable aid to human intelligence and creativity. The future of our professions lies in digital, not only to improve performance, but also as a source of appeal to attract new graduates into the industry. Reinjecting real estate and the construction industry with a character of innovation is key to the survival of a sector under threat by a dearth of talent.
Convinced of that fact, we attach great importance to providing our teams with training in digital professions.

Technical Director Sofya

The way in which Sofya rethinks asset management is the fruit of interaction with industry professionals, which has, moreover, informed its whole development. Today, it is a unique tool for stakeholders in operation and maintenance, from property managers to facility managers. Everyone, starting with the asset manager, has a global vision of their portfolio and of each one of their assets, adapted to suit their interface requirements. Sofya makes it possible to keep the full history of a portfolio, to enrich it, to organise its daily management and to coordinate the activity of the stakeholders in the operation. It is our pragmatic view of the trade which has enabled us to achieve our greatest success, including, for example, the operation of the Duo Towers.

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