The engineering and design branch of Builders & Partners is made up of specialists with international careers, who have had the opportunity to experience what is involved in completing a design from the initial sketch phase right through to the construction design phase, on projects of all sizes and types.

To the prerequisites of quality, reliability, a commitment to sustainability as regards technical/engineering matters, the firm adds a “BIM Native” method, the fruit of the cumulative experience acquired by the Bim/Data Management Department of Builders & Partners since 2013.


  • Construction economics
  • Construction economists/inspectors on behalf of insurance companies (CRAC – construction insurance rules and regulations agreement)


  • Concrete structures
  • Timber structures
  • Steel structures


  • Climate control engineering
  • Hydraulic and sanitary engineering
  • Fire safety
  • Special fluids
  • Heating systems


  • Building envelope
  • Electrics: Power installations
  • Electrics: Communications installations – Fire detection – Security – IT networks
  • BMS
  • Generating sets


  • Environmental Certification
  • Certification (HQE, NF Habitat HQE, Osmoz, E+C-, Effinergie, BREEAM, WELL)


  • Clash detection, building services
  • Clash detection, architectural components



Gare Montparnasse (train station)

The Gare Montparnasse modernisation project, developed by Gare & Connections and Altarea Cogedim, sees works carried out while the train services are still running. The 3-phase project requires very specific technical expertise from our fluids engineering and structural engineering teams, together with acute organisational management skills.

gare montparnasse
onomo e1


Onomo Hotels

The Dakar-based company Onomo runs a chain of 3-star hotels in major cities across the African continent. Our role involved establishing Design Guidelines which incorporated the comprehensive technical and architectural requirements for this 3-star hotel chain, and a full range of design and engineering services (building services and architectural trades consultancy services, site management, BIM and clash detection) on the Douala, Yaoundé and Pointe Noire hotel projects. The Douala hotel, completed in 2019, has 140 rooms.

paradis 1


Rue de Paradis

Our role involved providing a full range of services for the renovation with a view to increasing the value of this 6,500 sqm. office complex in the heart of the 10th arrondissement in Paris. From due diligence prior to acquisition to the initial sketches, from technical and energy-efficient building-services design to steering the works in occupied premises, the all-encompassing know-how and expertise of Builders & Partners was exploited to its full potential on this project which saw the property turned into a truly exceptional product.

img 115


Data center

Our role, which called on our extensive digital expertise, involved integrating the BIM models for all the different building services and architectural trades which participated in the creation of this new data centre in Bailly Romainvilliers with a floor area of almost 15,000 sqm.


Tanger Factory

Design and engineering services for all building service and architectural aspects of the project consisting of the construction of two Valéo car part factories, one with a floor area of 15,000 sqm. and the other a floor area of 28,000 sqm.

usine tanger
tour sequoia


Tour Séquoïa

Timber-structured Sequoia Tower development in Nancy, which adjoins a housing complex, also timber-framed. The project involves the development of almost 7,000 sqm. in an urban zone which is currently the focus of full regeneration. Kaufman & Broad designated the architectural firm Duthilleul to design the project. Builders & Partners is providing engineering services (plumbing, thermal systems, fluids and electrical services (power and signal processing).

piscine pierrefitte


Municipal swimming pool in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine

The Departmental Council for the Department of Seine-Saint-Denis commissioned the group of which Builders & Partners is a member to build the future municipal swimming pool in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine. For this public amenity with a floor area of almost 3,500 sqm. the group’s responsibilities included comprehensive building services and architectural trades clash detection, in addition to BIM management.


Director Engineering Clash Detection – BIM & Energy

The intense synergy with the other departments in the Group allows our specialists in all trades and professions to tie their efforts in with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by all the other stakeholders, first and foremost our clients, whether they are developers, core investors or value-add investors.
That spirit of collaboration between the different divisions also makes it possible to anchor sustainable development and energy optimisation at the heart what we do.

Directir Clash Detection Department

Above and beyond the work of clash detection of building services and architectural components led by us, the culture of clash detection within the Building & Partners group guarantees optimum risk management and control of the process of spatial coherence, from the due diligence audit and/or feasibility phase to the seamless completion of a construction project.

Director, Building Envelope and Façades

A building consists of a structure and fluids within an exterior envelope, like the skin on a human body. Our skin can, in fact, adapt to the climate around us and projects our image to our peers. Building envelopes must draw inspiration from it.
The personalised services we provide for architects and stakeholders in real estate and construction in terms of building envelopes for new projects and renovations include audits, design and management of works, in cohesion with the other departments at Builders & Partners.

l'équipe !