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Builders & Partners is a major player in building engineering, project management, real estate consulting and dedicated digital services in France and Morocco.

The firm is built around diversity – a wealth of diverse career paths and experience, with due respect for the individual cultures of each profession. The climate is one of dialogue and mutual enrichment, which fosters unique acumen and an astute perception of the specific challenges each project faces. This, in turn, generates a collective dynamic which creates as much purpose for the project teams as it creates value for clients.

Builders & Partners is a Group Vertical Sea company.

Soler Ide

Solder IDE is one of France’s leading players in environmental consulting. The teams have grown over the past 40 years as society and regulations have changed, working in fields as diverse as procedures relating to sustainable buildings, environmental certification, natural environments, industrial environments, hydrogeology, contaminated soils and sites, waste management and renewable energies.

Specialists in each domain provide consulting, design and modelling services, also working in the field, but over and above that, they anchor sustainable development at the very heart of all the trades and professions practised by the Vertical Sea group, thus increasing the value of our work, to the obvious advantage of our clients.

Soler Ide is a Group Vertical Sea company.


With know-how the firm has developed over 40 years in the field of geotechnics, Sol Conseil provides clients with support and guidance in relation to building, civil engineering, rail and road developments of all kinds. Responsiveness is guaranteed, since the firm boasts in-house works teams, a fleet of machines spread over the country, an in-house laboratory for testing and analysis, together with diverse skill centres made up of experienced technicians and engineers.

BIM, but also digitisation and the accumulation of data for the whole of France over 40 years, gives our clients a strategic advantage in the feasibility, draft design, design and works phases.

Sol Conseil is a Group Vertical Sea company.


Because every project is unique, we devised Sofya, a digital platform which is fully customisable to fit your individual needs. Plan-reader, electronic document management system, monitoring of finances/budgets, monitoring of consumption, on-line viewer, control over programming, etc. Sofya is an application hub which allows you to save and centralise all data concerning the life of your property portfolio, from initial design through to operation.

Sofya is a Group Vertical Sea brand.

Builders & Partners Maroc

Since 2017, Builders & Partners Maroc has provided project management, assistance to project management, site supervision and coordination, clash detection, methods and consultancy services on more than 20 projects in Morocco and elsewhere in Africa.

The branch has drawn momentum from the optimisation and efficient management of projects and 2021 saw the opening of a clash detection and BIM office in Casablanca. By combining the energy of the personnel with tailored, targeted solutions, great expertise in project management and rationalisation and support from the parent company, the branch is now able to bring its clients the full panoply of services offered by the group.

Builders & Partners Maroc is a Group Vertical Sea company.


Call Ingénierie is the subsidiary of Builders & Partners which is devoted to national and international brands who want to develop their networks over the whole of France and on the export market.

For more than 20 years, the Call Ingénierie teams have been designing and building points of sale, chain restaurants, retirement homes, holiday and leisure buildings for their clients, with the art of never sacrificing what is at stake on the altar of the specific timing required by this type of project.

Call Ingénierie is a Group Vertical Sea company.


The Dispositif Eco-Energie Tertiaire (ex-Décret Tertiaire) or Commercial Property Eco-Energy Measures, will be a major issue for all owners, managers and tenants of commercial real estate in the years to come.
Rather than being a burden, it can be seen as a real opportunity given to players in commercial real estate to increase the value of their property portfolio without just being limited to the prism of energy.

The aim of I3E’s offering is to bring together the real estate, technical, energy, environmental and IT skills of the Vertical Sea group, to better define a perfectly adapted plan of action which takes all the relevant issues into consideration.

I3E is a Group Vertical Sea band.


INGECOBAT est spécialisé dans le secteur de l’économie de la construction et accompagne ses clients en AMO, maitrise d’œuvre de conception et de réalisation. C’est aussi un bureau d’étude fluide et thermique



SIEC, société d’ingénierie et d’économie de la construction, accompagne ses clients depuis 30 ans en économie de la construction, MOEX, OPC, AMO et sur des expertises.

SIEC est une filiale de BUILDERS & PARTNERS.


COBET est un bureau d’étude structures, béton, bois, métal et propose différentes compétences de la définition de travaux de structure et matériaux à mettre en œuvre à l’assistance aux opérations de réception des travaux.

COBET est une filiale de BUILDERS & PARTNERS.

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